Get Up And Get Moving!


Do you suffer from low back pain? Do you live a mostly sedentary lifestyle? Do you spend all day working at a desk? Well folks, those three things often go hand-in-hand-in-hand. Yes, it’s unfortunately true that an “over-relaxed” lifestyle can lead to all sorts of problems, as can spending all of your time seated at work. ¬†Sorry sitters, but you need to get up and get moving!

You see, when you spend too much time in a seated position, your hip flexors end up in their shortened position for far too long, this in turn causes an over extension of the muscles that stabilize your lower back, which in-turn causes spasms and disc pain. In addition, any previous lower-back disc issues can be aggravated by the compressed state they find themselves in when you sit for too long. That’s just your back we’re talking about too, the rest of your body takes a beating when you’re not active enough also (we will address that in a future article). So how can you combat the damage done by being on your butt too much? Check out the bottom of the first paragraph for part of your answer; keep reading for the rest of it.

The simple solution to these problems is to move around more. Get out of your chair whenever you can and go for walks, do yoga, find a qualified trainer and lift some weights (you can find some of the best at Massi-Machado Strength & Conditioning); just do something! If you’re at work and you have to be at a station, get a stand-up desk or take breaks to stretch and move around. If that doesn’t solve your lower back issues, then you’re going to have see a chiropractor for an adjustment, some decompression therapy, and some exercise-based rehabilitation. If you’re in Westchester County New York, you can visit my White Plains and Peekskill offices, and we can get you some relief from your back pain. Either way, you have to get going if you want to get pain free!


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