Why Does Your Head Hurt?

what causes headaches

“You’re stressed”; “You didn’t drink enough water”; “You need to get some sleep”. Yes, those are all reasons that you might have a headache, but we often overlook the most common causes of those uncommon headaches that our plaguing our day: Spinal Injury and dysfunction. Patients often find themselves seeking help with their headaches from chiropractors like Dr. Gus Sofos, but often don’t really understand why they need chiropractic care. Very few people understand that spinal trauma is perhaps the most prevalent underlying cause of headaches.

The neck is comprised of vulnerable muscles and connective tissues, tasked with holding up about fifteen pounds of head. Postural issues and tension in the muscles (usually caused by stress, so that first person was right) can cause damage to these structures over time, and said damage can and usually will cause referred pain in the head. Whiplash-type injuries also lead to overall weakness in lacks of mobility in the structures of the neck; this in-turn causes that nasty referred pain.

So what’s the answer to spinal trauma related headaches? The answer is to see a chiropractor who has extensive experience working with patients suffering from headache symptoms. We know a good one…it’s Dr. Gus Sofos at (his offices are in White Plains and Peekskill)…who did you think we’d say?

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