FAQ With Dr. Sofos

What makes your treatment plans so different?

My treatment plans are specifically tailored for each patient. They are “custom” treatment plans per se, and the evolution of each visit truly dictates an intelligent treatment progression. I feel that this plays to my professional ability to make meaningful adjustments to treatment plans as necessary.

What does your evaluation entail, and why is it so proficient?

My evaluation protocol includes a Digital Biometric Foot Scan that assists me in identifying any potential underlying conditions that may be lending to the problems experienced by the patient. Additionally, I conduct orthopedic range of motion testing, subjective reporting and objective findings and testing for referred pain, restrictions or functional limitations. I also perform manual palpation in order to locate restricted joints and attempt to pinpoint the triggers of the restriction.

What is Palpation?
Palpation is simply an examination conducted by manual hand touch to the spinal segments, musculoskeletal structure and other joints of the body.  It allows me to collect feedback and “listen” to the patient’s presenting issues.

Why is your method of Palpation different?
In my experience, I’ve learned to utilize a method that assists me to connect the dots that lead back to the actual cause(s) of symptoms that otherwise may be overlooked. Rather than merely and continually treating the symptoms, this method assures that I can treat the root of the problem(s) correctly the first time.  In the process, I am able to educate the patient as to the reasons for their progress, and thereby avoid having to perpetually treat a set of symptoms.  Therefore, unless there is a major aggravation, once a patient completes their original course of care they need not return except for routine adjustments, manual therapy or to just say hello.

What are your treatment goals?
To eliminate pain, restore function and educate the patient as not to have problems resurface in order to return to and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.

Why shouldn’t I just go to any chiropractor?
Look, there are a lot of competent chiropractors in the market place. However, most treatment is very linear and not particularly customized. It may not have a discernible goal or treatment end time.  My goal is to treat the patient in a timely and affordable manner, educate them, then return them back to a healthy lifestyle.  I am not here to rely on extended treatment in the interests of business, and remain accountable to a team of peer professionals.

What is the Dr. Sofos Guarantee?
That patients will progress in the direction of improvement, and if the conservative therapies haven’t provided a maximum level of success; I will refer to a more aggressive intervention that will. Beyond that, I value my relationship with my patients and appreciate their trust in me.  I gladly tend to become very acquainted with what’s going on in their lives and families, and I guarantee I don’t want to do anything to betray that personal or professional trust.