Chiropractic Adjustment:

A Doctor of Chiropractic for over fifteen years, Dr. Sofos utilizes a comprehensive evaluation that includes a Biometric Foot Scan and signature joint palpation technique to detect the root causes of patient complaints.  He then treats patients through the use of various corrective exercise protocols, gentle restorative movement and spinal adjustment techniques that have proven highly effective in relieving patients’ pain and functional limitations. Issues in the cervical, thoracic, lumbar, and sacral vertebrae can manifest as pain, discomfort, and dysfunction throughout the body. Patients often feel relief from these symptoms as a direct result of Dr. Sofos’ care and treatment practices. Most patients experience a complete return to their desired levels of activity while being educated by Dr. Sofos as to proactive and preventative measures to maintain proper chiropractic health.

Vibration Therapy:

Using a specific vibration-plate technology, Dr. Sofos can challenge and improve the function of stabilizer muscles, encourage elevated motor unit recruitment, restore blood flow throughout the body, and alleviate the pain and stiffness that patients often experience relative to pain and functional limitations.  When utilized properly, this type of vibration therapy is a vital part of a patients overall recovery.

Biometric Foot Scan:

Using the patented Foot Levelers(c) Biotmetric Foot Scan platform, Dr. Sofos scans patients feet and determines individual arch characteristics as part of his comprehensive intake examination. This is invaluable information is a vital part in the process of truly understanding an individual’s postural problems and overall anatomical biomechanics. With the results of this scan, Dr. Sofos can begin to form more accurate diagnosis and also offer the option of custom orthotics at an affordable price, if indicated.

Laser Smoking Cessation:

In simple terms, Dr. Sofos can use a painless laser to make you stop a life-threatening habit. Through the use of non-invasive, pin-point laser therapy, Dr. Sofos will target critical meridians within the ear lobe and its cartilage, that have proven effective in interrupting smoking/nicotine cravings. With proper behavioral management – cessation of your smoking habits can be achieved. If the patient sticks to their treatment protocols, focused cold laser therapy has proven to be an effective smoking cessation intervention.

Return-To-Play Programs:

Working in conjunction with Haven Physical Therapy and Massi-Machado Strength & Conditioning, Dr. Sofos has had continued success working with athletes looking to get back into their sport after even the most “catastrophic” of injuries.

Return-To-Work Programs:

Some of the most common injuries seen in worker’s compensation cases are those stemming from spinal issues and/or underlying functional imbalances. Dr. Sofos specializes in treating patients who are out of work due to a variety of neck, back, foot, hip or extremity injuries with the eventual goal of returning them to the workforce when appropriate.

Exercise Based Physical Therapy:

Another service offered in conjunction with the oversight of his network affiliates at Massi-Machado Strength & Conditioning, LLC and Haven Physical Therapy, PLLC is Dr. Sofos’ use of functional fitness and exercise methods to attack muscle imbalances and deconditioning.

Kinesio Taping:

Popular amongst everyone from the highest level athletes to the working man or woman, kinesio taping is a technique where a specialized type of flexible, yet rigid athletic tape is used to support and help heal injuries. By utilizing techniques to either support structures, activate or inhibit certain muscle groups or provide lymphatic drainage,Dr. Sofos has years of experience working with this technology.

Tsunami Bar Based Rehab:

A revolutionary technology in the fitness, sports performance, and physical therapy worlds, The Tsunami Bar oscillates and flexes to provide a challenge to the user’s stabilizer muscles that is previously unheard of with any other training technology. Dr. Sofos is one of the few Doctors in New York certified by Tsunami Bars’ creators, and works with patients and athletes to apply this technology to a very progressive rehabilitation system. He and the team use the bar to vastly reduce the time it takes for injured patients to get back to activities they enjoy!